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Drug Harm Minimisation

Links to recent articles and podcasts from a variety of external sources Continue reading

Bipolar Bears – mental health advocates

Dan McGuiness – lead guitarist with the band, talks about his experiences with the Bears Continue reading

Centers Against Sexual Assualt

Where can people go if they have been victims of sexual assault? Continue reading

Experiential art therapy

Guna Green (Buoyancy Foundation) speaks about the benefits and process of art therapy.

The ‘Standard Drink’ game

safe levels of alcohol consumption for older people Continue reading

Amphetamine use and women

Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to amphetamine use and women’s health. Continue reading

DVA Theatre part 1

Tall Words Continue reading

Men’s Groups

Being an emotionally and socially healthy man Continue reading

David Naylor – creator of Happy Yoga and Guru Dudu

Joyful eco-activist David Naylor, and alter-ego Guru Dudu, on finding a life of self-expression and the uses of laughter Continue reading

problem gambling

What if you, or someone you know, may have a problem with gambling? David Tries, a provisional psychologist from Gambler’s Help City, talks about seeking and getting help. Continue reading

Self care in the face of drug and alcohol use

Deborah Homburg, CEO of Buoyancy Foundation, explains what ‘self care’ might look like – particularly around drug and alcohol use. Continue reading

Trauma, stress and the body….

Feldenkrais Practitioner, Naomi Richards shares her experience of working at the Asylum Centre Resource Centre and the issues around working with people who have experienced stress and or trauma as a refugee. Continue reading

Bipolar Bears

one of Victoria’s rock’n’roll institutions – playing their own brand of rock, reggae and blues to audiences for over 16 years. Continue reading

‘Human Rooms’

creating environments and immersive spaces which work in harmony with human beings to alleviate stress, anxiety and suffering. Continue reading

Mental wellbeing and yoga

Yoga teacher, counsellor and psychologist Anna Crowley, shares the benefits of yoga for maintaining mental and physical wellbeing. Continue reading

Ecotherapy and recovery at Windana

Take a tour of Windana Society’s inspiring therapeutic community, with ecotherapist, Wendy Bell. Continue reading

Music for mental health network

Phil Heuzenroeder on songwriting and mental wellbeing and the benefits of community based arts making. Continue reading

Self care for professionals

An honest and inspiring account of how an intensive care nurse maintains her emotional,physical and spiritual balance. Continue reading

Adam Forbes – Buoyancy Foundation

Adam talks about his own path through drug use, and his work as a counsellor and shiatsu practitioner at Buoyancy Continue reading

Mindfulness and anxiety

Psychiatrist, Dr Chris Walsh speaks about ATS use, withdrawal and the role of mindfulness. Continue reading

Meditation talk by Ekai Korematsu

A zen teacher of 30 years, Ekai runs meditation classes at Buoyancy. Continue reading

Drug recovery through yoga

Father Joe Pererra – founder of the Kripa Foundation – explains a unique approach to recovery combining the 12 step approach, yoga and prayer. Continue reading

Rave Safe

drug and alcohol awareness at raves Continue reading

Melbourne Zen Hospice

How can we support people facing death? Seikan, director of the Melbourne Zen Hospice, speaks about the services that he and other volunteers provide. Continue reading

Singing and mental health

How can group singing enhance mental health and wellbeing? Continue reading

Love Drunk

a school show about alcohol, sexual assault, trust, teenagers and hip-hop Continue reading

Compassionate Communication

How can we communicate our wishes and needs with compassion for others? Continue reading

Performance anxiety and drugs

Why would a classical musician use perfomance enhancing drugs? Find out about beta-blockers, stage fright and creativity. Continue reading

Permaculture and mental wellbeing

Interview with permaculture expert, Adam Grubb Continue reading

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